New Track – “Slipstream”

16th February

A brand new synthy 80s-infused prog house track up on my soundcloud. Share and enjoy!

Zodiac EP – Out Now on Indigo Records

4th February

I’m getting more than a bit excited about my new relase for Indigo, “Zodiac EP”. These three tracks combine all the best elements of my melodic sound, then crank  things up a notch!

First up we have “Metropolis”, which has a floaty and housey vibe, backed up with articulate and chunky beats. Following on, “Sky Island” takes things in a deeper direction. It’s a combination of techno, trance and progressive but in a very smooth and understated way. Pads, plucks and percussion are offset by a driving but soft bassline. “Zodiac” rounds things off with a multitude of synth textures and a growling bassline. This track has had a great response on Soundcloud so far.

Have a listen to the full tracks here…

1. Metropolis

2. Sky Island

3. Zodiac

Broken Horizon – Out now on Indigo Records!

19th December

Brand new track with three remixes, out now Indigo Records and available on Beatport.

Broken Horizon is a dark and broody tune with tech-house underpinnings. Intricate percussion and a shuffling bass line build gradually into a funky synth stab breakdown.

The fantastic remixes are truly creative and take the track to whole new areas. House of Elliot embelishes the prodceedings with his trademark appregios and sense of melody. NSL takes things in a super-techy direction with plenty of bleeps and old-school 303 acid lines. Steve Murrell’s remix goes for a big-room sound by explanding on the exising elements with mad filter effects – incredible stuff.


Phobos Moon – Broken Horizon // Indigo Records [INDIG063]
Genre: Prog-House,
Release Date: Jan 17 2011
Label: Indigo Records

1 Phobos Moon – Broken Horizon
2 Phobos Moon – Broken Horizon – House of … Read More »

Neon Wave – Out Now on Beatport!

23rd October

My second release on Indigo Records is released on Beatport today!

Click here to buy!

“Neon Wave” is a funky, floaty progressive house epic with a twinkly melodies and a chunky bassline.

This release features remixes from label-mates Soulmelt, Aaron Static and The Chunky Fuckers.

Have a listen! And if you like it, show your support and buy it.


Soulmelt Remix

Nuclei EP – Out Now!

21st June

New three-track EP Out Now on Indigo Records!

Snowflake this is an uplifting tune with shuffling rhythms and stabs.
Moment of Inertia takes things to a more moody level with epic layers and a chiming riff.
Nuclei is an energetic, techy progressive house tune with a brooding, funky bassline.

Available now on Beatport! Click Here!

Thanks to everyone for their comments and favorite-ings so far!

Remix for Yoruba Grooves

18th May

I’ve just finished a remix of Rickie Deane’s ‘Foreign Monday’ for Yorubagrooves, due to be released soon – have a listen!

Be sure to check out their soundcloud and website.  There’s some fantastic Tech House and Minimal productions on there.

Here’s some more info about Yoruba…

Yoruba Grooves, Fresh on the Scene for 2010!

Bringing you the finest sounds of all things techno. Label owners Rickie Deane, Danny Lilwall and Shay Mart strive to discover the cream of today and tomorrow, looking for the best original grooves.

Key artists to Yoruba Grooves, Danny Lilwall and Rickie Deane will regularly be featured, alongside many upcoming and well established producers of the present day.